Friday, November 16, 2007

39th Parallel USA Heartline links Illuminati Denver Airport to North American Union

To begin with,
the 39th Parallel runs through the suspected Illuminati-linked Denver International Airport,
which has much bizarre, evil and masonic symbolism and is said by some to be "cursed". The DIA also is suspected of being on top of a vast underground complex with tunnels connecting it to other New World Order facilities.

Also, the KC Smartport, a sort of transportation and logistics nexus or hub of the future , still
in-the-making North American Union, located in Kansas City , Missouri , also happens to be
on the 39th parallel Heartline. This writer believes that the KC Smartport will be the nucleus to develop that area as the Capital of the North American Union due to its central location both to the USA as well as being centrally located between Northern Canada and Southern Mexico. It would make an ideal- Chinese troops wearing UN Blue Helmets- occupation Headquarters once the North - South NAFTA Superhighways are built, dividing the USA into a grid system when they overlap the current East - West highway system of the USA, which followed the path of European colonization of the hemisphere.

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