Saturday, November 17, 2007

The hideous intelligence of Leo Strauss

Leo Strauss who extolled the virtues of Nazism was the "Father of American neo-conservatism".

What are the origins of the 'hideous intelligence' associated with the American neo-conservatism that has spread into prevailing American political thinking? Leo Strauss is the founder of American neo-conservatism, that in turn inspired "Globalization", and the current "War on Terrorism", that currently threatens all-out nuclear War.

Leo Strauss was born in 1899. He was a German of Jewish background. He emigrated to the United States to flee a milieu of Anti-Semitism associated with the rise of the Hitler's Nazis. The great majority of people who fled to the United States from Nazi Germany, hated Nazis with a passion, and were inspired by what they viewed to be a progressive America that welcomed them. However, Strauss was not one of these anti-Nazi emigrants. Strauss wrote in a letter in May 1933, five months after Hilter's appointment as Chancellor and a month after the implementation of the first anti-Jewish legislation, that "Just because Germany has turned to the right and expelled us," meaning Jews, "it simply does not follow that the principles of the right are therefore to be rejected." Strauss sought to re-create a form of Nazism, which was stripped of its anti-Semitism. Strauss was able to attract American academic, militaristic, and industrial interests, who were infatuated with Nazi trappings of "wealth" and of absolute power.

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