Saturday, November 17, 2007

Violence is Good for America

Violence "is good" in America because its brings with it cheap labor and strengthens American "virility" in "a violent world"

Most Americans deplore crime. Neo-conservatives also don't particularly like crime, but view it to have "dividends". Neo-conservatives are thus opportunists in the most crass and exploitative "modus operandi' of American-led "global capitalism". One such dividend for neo-conservatives, is that crime creates a "captive cheap labor pool" of "obviously inferior races" in America's prison system. Indeed, America's largest corporations now embrace the "benefits" of crime and prison labor for facilitating their insatiable pursuit of "profit". American prison labor is "like having a sweatshop without having to move operations into Thailand", or some other "Third World" country, or "developing markets" like Communist China. Another market "dividend" about crime in America for neo-conservatives is that violence in America "breeds" a better solider, and police officer. These better soldiers, having been exposed to violence in their daily lives, will then be better able to defend an "America of virile races" from weak "inferior races", in the 'homeland', and in places like Iraq, and in the Middle East. Redressing crime through affirming a context of social justice that moves communities away from a culture for violence, would only help out "inferior races" and make America a less "virile" society.

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