Saturday, November 17, 2007

The World View of Globalisationists

In the view of neo-conservative movement of "Globlisationists", people are poor because they are "inferior", and people are rich, because they are "by definition" "superior". Within this "world-view" neo-conservatives view America specifically, and the world in general, as being "over-populated" by too many "inferior races". These "inferior races" go beyond the "niggers", "chinks", "pakis", "hispanics", and the other coloured races. "Inferior races" to neo-conservatives also include whites who are poor, or "weak-minded" "liberals", in their embracing of "sentimental" values such as peace, human rights, and lovingkindness.

Social Darwinism in neo-conservatism

Neo-conservative "Globalisationists" are basically 'social Darwinists' who view that a "strong society" can only be created under an "invigorating" and "maturing" "survival of the fittest" context. Within this context the poor should not be helped, because that helping only nurtures "inferior races". This prism also correspondingly views that "bad things happen to bad people". Therefore, in the apparent view of neo-conservatives, the refugees created by Hurricane Katrina were simply again a "bad thing" happening to "bad people" (by providence of their "Aryan gods"), and who also happened to be "inferior races". The ritualized and disingenuous response to the victims of Katrina, as well as the ignoring of the plight of the poor in America, to 'neocons' simply boils down to not interfering with "bad things happening to bad people".

In the American neo-conservative prism, (for example), that has inspired the American private healthcare system, people who can't pay for healthcare "should be left to perish", because people who don't have money are "inferior". In the American neo-conservative prism, the millions of Americans who are without healthcare, and those who become sick, and perish, are simply a bunch of "inferior races".

Americans who are "strong" and "virile" are descendants of "good racial stock" who have the financial resources "to take care of themselves".

In the neo-conservative prism, the senseless bombing of innocent Iraqis and Afghanistanis, that is creating civil war conditions in the Middle East is "great", because it involves "inferior races" annihilating one another, and that frees more sources for "the rich".

American foreign policy did not seek to prevent genocide in Rwanda, just as it now ignores genocide in Sudan, because neo-conservatives view the Africans also to be "inferior races". The prism of neo-conservatives also views AIDS in Africa and throughout the world as "bad things happening to bad people". That's why the U.S. neo-conservative led response to AIDS is as ritualized as other U.S. neo-conservative reactions to the need for humanitarian initiatives.

In the prism of American neo-conservatism, America was created and developed as a Superpower, from the spreading of a "virile" race of people, who crossed the Atlantic, and defeated the racially "primitive Indians". Through Globalization, American neo-conservatives seek to facilitate the continued "Manifest Density" of America, against the whole world. Neo-conservatives view the Muslims in Iraq and Iran as representing a modern day "Indian problem", whose "territories", should be subjugated by the "superior races".

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