Saturday, November 17, 2007

Globalisationists seek to cleanse Iran and the Middle East

Globalisationists are currently seeking to pursue an all-out nuclear war on the pretext of Iran, in order to expedite their sought "cleansing" of the world from "inferior races". This seems a little 'crazy', until one begins to appreciate the psychoanalytical prism of "Globalisationists". Humanity can either choose to save itself from these "Globalisationists" or face extinction of the species by this fanatical pursuit.

What is Globalization?

"Globalization" is a mantra created by "neo-conservatives". Publicly, Globalization is about the spreading of "freedom" , "democracy", and "prosperity" through the internationalization of 'market reforms'. However, in order to understand the substance of what Globalization is all about, one needs to appreciate its neo-conservative ideology.

Globalisationists seek Lebensraum

The public expression of Globalization is the political theatric context, designed to be used by mass-media for public relations. However, for the neo-conservatives, Globalization is substantively about the creation of what the German Nazis under Adolf Hitler, used to call "Lebensraum" or "Living Space". Globalization accordingly, is the creation of 'Living Space" for the "rich" ideologues who see themselves as a "superior" type of entity.

American-led Globalisationists seek a "New World Order"

Neo-conservatives believe that the world needs to be "re-born" under their leadership, often referred to as the "New World Order". Neo-conservative champion Globalization not to facilitate "freedom", broad "prosperity" and democracy", as expressed in mass-propaganda. Neo-conservatives champion "Globalization" in order to achieve their sought "New World Order" where "inferior races" have been defeated.

Globalization is a means to achieve the necessary power by elites, to be able to strategically facilitate a "New World Order". However, neo-conservative believe that Globalization is only a complement to what can be referred as "the cleansing", that they seek. The cleansing refers to a process in which 'the world' is rid of so many "inferior races", that deprive superior races from access to scare and "precious" resources.

Neo-conservative endorse "cleansing" through "de-population"

Neo-conservatives thus unofficially endorse "de-population" of resource rich areas, which are assisted with limiting U.S. responses to famines, diseases, and other disasters, which the majority of Americans, in the spirit of "liberal" generosity, and neighbourliness, would like to redress.

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