Saturday, November 17, 2007

Spreading Neo-Hitlerian Philosophies

Strauss spreads his Neo-Hitlerian philosophies from within the University of Chicago, and throughout the American Establishment

Strauss was hired by the University of Chicago in 1949, where he began to teach political philosophy. At Chicago he begins to have students, schooling them in his techniques of writing, and world-view in general.

Nicholas Xenos who wrote critically about the dystopianism of Leo Strauss, cites that once in the political science department, Strauss attacked social science for its "value neutrality", and for the affinity of social science to "liberal-democratic" values in America.

His students and other disciples went on to become the leaders of the prevailing American neo-conservative Establishment, who are well supported by and are also ensconced in the megalomania of a military-industrial complex.

Nicholas Xenos further elaborates that "Straussians were often ridiculed for their cult-like qualities." Xenos further elaborates that, "they speak and write the same way; they write the same books on the same themes over and over again; they dress alike; they are almost all men; they went to the same schools -- those sorts of things."

In other words, the ascendance of neo-conservatives in the American political economic Establishment represent a take-over by admirers and followers of a form of neo-Nazism. This neo-Nazism represents a form of cult-oriented ideological "cancer" against the spirit of America as a "nation of immigrants". Neocons appear to seek administrative strategies which will support their apparent collective desire to re-direct the prevailing value priorities of American society, toward their sought "New World Order", under their direction.

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