Saturday, November 17, 2007

Straussians Seek to Cleanse the World

Straussians view Muslims as constituting a similar "Indian problem", that had "confronted" the American cowboy character John Wayne in the "American Frontier".

Straussians seek to hasten "the cleansing" in the Middle East and elsewhere

The self-professed "Christians" and "patriots" who now threaten a nuclear war are really "Straussians" who embrace a Cult of Mammon. The Americans who defensively fought against the prospects of a world conquest by Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Germany 'Third Reich' have been apparently betrayed by a Straussian cabal that seeks to use Nazism to destroy America from within, like an invasive Trojan Horse (and also the world in general, via its drunken pursuit of world conquest).

In their pursuit of "Lebensraum" through Globalization, Straussian neo-conservative "Globalisationists" apparently believe that, if an all-out nuclear war erupts from nuclear strikes in Iran, (and other parts of the world if necessary) then so be it. After all, waiting for the onslaught of famines, diseases like AIDS, and Global Warming to rid the planet of "inferior races" in the view of Straussians, in "taking too long." Why not seek a "nuclear show down" in Iran, that defeats "inferior races" that "over-populate" the Earth "once and for all?

In the deranged psychosis and total madness of Straussian Globalisationists, the "superior race" with resources promises to "survive and multiply", and the remainder "inferior races" which have not been militarily "cleansed" will have to serve the will of a U.S. elite led "New World Order". And even if no one survives, which is unlikely, because of the existence of a "superior race", what is important is that America would have stopped "wasting" its nuclear stockpiles, and would have put it to "good use" by destroying the "vermin" of "inferior races", in a "spectacular" "nuclear blaze of glory". In the process, "superior Americanophile races" will be judged well by the "Aryan Sun gods", who will be satisfied with having the "inferior races" further cleansed from the Earth.

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